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Pneumatic Liquid Fill & Seal Machine

PNEUMATIC LIQUID FILL & SEAL MACHINE (Pneumatic Liquid Filling Sealing Machine)

Pneumatic Liquid Fill and Seal Machine

Pneumatic Liquid Fill and Seal Machine Applications: Liquids, Paste, Tomato Ketchup, Wine, Shampoo, Jam, Soya Milk, Pharmaceutical Liquids, Liquid Fertilizers, Mouthwash, Mayonnaise, Sanitizers, etc

Technical Specifications of Pneumatic Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine

  • Sealing Types – 3 Side Seal/4 Side Seal/Center Sealing
  • Packing Size – (Length) 40 to 300 mm./ (Film Width) 50 to 350 mm.
  • Packing Speed  – 10 to 60 pouches / Minutes. (Depending upon the Size)
  • Packing Range – 10-50 gm, 50-500 gm, 100 gm-1kg
  • Packing Material – Any heat sealable laminated films.
  • Power Consumption – 3 kw three phase/single phase,
  • Compressed Air Req. – 6CFM @4kg/cm²
  • Pneumatic Liquid Filler Sealer Machine Dimension/Wt. – L: 1000, W: 1000, H: 2300 (mm)/600 kgs.

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