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Multi Head Weigher Machine


Multi Head Weigher Machine

Multihead Weigher Machine Applications: Highly Suitable For :- Potato chips, snacks, dryfruits, confectionary items, nuts, seeds, frozen products, etc.

Multihead weigher is a gravimetric filling machine & is most precise & high speed machine for solid & free flowing various products.


The product is fed to the top cone of the multihead weigher by cross feeder or bucket elevator and is distributed by the linear feeders to the load buckets. Then, it is dumpled to the weigh buckets. When a combination is found between weigh buckets for the given weight, selected weigh buckets dump product in forming tube of the bagging machine.

Technical Specifications of Multihead Weigher Machine

  • Highly precise, accurate & consistent weighing with multi head weigher machine.
  • High speed weighing process
  • Multihead weigher Can be easily integrated with bagging machines.
  • This gravimetric filling machine is easy to clean & maintain hygiene.

Installation Guide

We have curated this informational video for quick and easy installation.

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